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Millennial nostalgia.

Insert Credits - Millennial nostalgia.

Looking Back at 30

I took a job heading the children’s department of a decently sized library at 28. I figured I was still pretty young and in touch with what the kids were doing. It wasn’t that long ago that I was their age after all and it’s not like the generation gap was as huge between me and my younger millennial brethren than the gap between me and Generation X or the Baby Boomers.

Boy was I wrong. And let me tell you, your own conception of what “old” is tends to be your current age + 10, but nothing makes you feel older faster than suddenly spending most of your time hanging around a bunch of people where you fit squarely into their definition of current age + 10.

Sure I grew up with computers, but the computers when I was a kid are nothing like the computers of today. I was around when the commercial Internet was getting off the ground, but the only similarities between the Internet now and the Internet of the mid-’90s is they happen to share the same name.

Face it. If you’re on the older end of the millennial demographic like me there’s already a lot of “back in my day” stories that can be told, and the pace is only accelerating.

And that got me to thinking about some of the differences between the world I grew up in and the world of today. I was always amazed at some of the things that surprised the kids in my teen group. Space shuttles blowing up. Portable CD players. Dial up Internet. Music videos playing on MTV. So many things I took for granted growing up are already as dated as records and Betamax were when I was a kid.

Fast forward two years and I just turned 30 this past week which has caused a small bit of introspection and looking back. I’m not one of those who thinks all the best days are behind us and nothing can compare to the arbitrary couple of decades when my parents were paying for everything and I didn’t have any responsibilities deserving of the name, but we did have some pretty cool stuff back in the day.

So I figured I’d write about the experience of growing up millennial. I don’t know that it will be interesting to anyone other than myself, but you never know. It’s my hope that this will be a fun trip down memory lane for those who were along for the ride and an interesting look back for those darned whippersnappers with their iPhones and Tumblrs.

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